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About Lemonhouse

“A natural cosmetic journey that started with a child who was sleepless with atopy dermatitis every night!”

How are you? I’m Park Joo-yeon, Ceo of LemonHouse.

I am studying more and more because I know for sure that cosmetics that touch the skin are more than just beauty, they change the quality of life.

LemonHouse will continue to strive to take the leap to the life of all, not just in beautiful cases.

About me

What I can do for you

Natural essential oils

Contains Grapefruit Peel Essential Oils that not only give you a pleasant scent, but also contain powerful antioxidants to boost skin immunity.

Beauty Science & Technology

It is a cosmetic with technology that uses liposome technology to deliver well to the dermis.

Research cooperation

It is a family company that has a research agreement with the Graduate School of Global Pharmaceutical Industry And Clinical Pharmacy.

Plant Extracted Natural Surfactant

Natural surfactants and  natural carrier oils penetrate deep into the dermis, eliminating skin pulling

Research department and patent

We have a research department in Ajou University and have a patent for the use of kiwi fruit fermented extract.


No coating was placed inside the cosmetic container to contain cosmetics without chemical factors.


Beauty Science


You should also know…

Can we make better cosmetics than organic cosmetics in France?

Can we make cosmetics to make healthy skin cells?

Based on this idea Lemon House, which developed cosmetics, is a company that makes cosmetics and household chemical products using natural materials of Jeju based on pharmacology. Park Joo-yeon (CEO of LEMON HOUSE), who majored in pharmacy, is constantly striving to make excellent natural cosmetics that benefit skin by thinking that cosmetics are preventive drugs for skin ‘lemon house’ products are made from only plant extract materials

Beauty Science For You

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